The idea of having the sleeves like shirts business came through my own personal experience. Most of the young women who are covered/veiled have a problem like me finding a layer to be worn on the arms under a dress/top when we go out for the evening. We used to wear a body that would sometimes be uncomfortable to wear especially during the summer when it gets hot, and also the fact that it does not look neither dressy, nor grand, so I thought to myself why don’t I ask a tailor to have a half sleeve that can be designed for myself according to my need. At this part of the arm (between the wrist and the elbow) that is always showing bare when we wear a top that can be 3 quarters in length, evening gown or any other outfit that would require something formal. Therefore, the half sleeve was a simple idea that turned into a great business.

I realized through my first production that there was a great need for them. So I started with standard primary colors that are popular for most clothes, white, black and beige.

The business took off in very little time locally in Jordan and after one year or so I started to have phone calls from overseas asking me to ship few items for personal use and that is when the second idea came to me, why not spread my wings a little bit more and go abroad? Dubai was my second destination, and business boomed through the different orders as I added to my original designs, so as to have a variety of practical items that can be beneficial for all ages that are wearable at all times.

The name of the business was given after my daughter Salma, my 3 year old star of my life. With her we grow together with much love and respect.

…we grow together with much love & respect.

Suha Assaf • DESIGNER

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